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Tipsy Drink Float

Will they float an adult?
Hydrocliners are made to float an adult person, large or small with their body in the water and head above, the EZ River & Minnow are for under 4 feet tall, the Cloud and Low-G are perfect for heavier, larger people.

Are they good for kids?
Kids don't like to sit still and relax very much, that being said, the Minnow and EZ River are more durable and fun for kids to pull each other around and jump on.

What are they made of?
Hydrocliners are made of EPE plastic foam with up to 30% recycled materials, PVC plastic and Nylon rope.

Where are they made?
Right here in sunny South Florida, USA! Thats why we can't sell them at the dollar store, but since we buy from American companies and you buy from us, we all help our economy recover by keeping the money here.

How Long do they last?
If stored out of the sun and not mis-treated a float should last a couple years give or take a year, depending.

Are they comfortable?
All Hydrocliners are comfortable, some prefer the body hugging frameless models, while others prefer the sturdy rigid frame support, each person has to adjust to find the sweetspot of each chair just like a couch.

Is it safe to fall asleep in one?
Umm, NO! But if stranded in the ocean and I had to pick one to sleep in, I would drop my shoulders behind the back supports of the Bahia model, to wear it like a vest and feel pretty safe for a few winks.

Is it easy to assemble the models that need assembly?
Yes, the frameless models is as easy as tying a simple knot and the others need two set screws put in place.

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